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Monday, February 13, 2006

Still Trying To Defeat My Brother-In-Law

It's not enough to get beaten by my BIL (brother-in-law) OTB but it's also important I get beaten by him online as well. :)

He had called up in the evening and I took this opportunity to play a few rounds of chess with him. He had been playing a couple of 5-minute blitz games before that and for the first game, his play was simply atrocious (be it a warning to everyone. don't play too many fast blitz games) and it's shocking that he could blunder into 1-move mistakes. So we restarted again and I promptly lost (yes, the story of my life).

More importantly, I found out why I lost. I haven't been paying attention to my prawns (or rather pawns) and the pawn structures in the games I lost were shocking. I'd really need to be more careful of how I sacrifice pawns to gain the initiative and learn how to position my pieces to protect my pawns.

After about an hour of playing, I had to go off as it's rubbish throwing time (ie. time for me to take out the garbage) and I forgot about thanking my BIL for a very good game (where are my manners! ouch!)


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