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Monday, January 23, 2006

Corus: Topalov and Anand neck-to-neck

As expected, the Corus Chess tournament has shown the two most strongest players tied at the moment. Topalov and Anand are currently on joint top. Topalov will have his task cut out for him as his remaining challengers are fairly strong (including the ever improving Leko, Karjakin) while Anand has only Gelfand and Topalov among the top players to match wits with.

Last night was basically a non-event with Topalov drawing against Gelfand (who would have thought the match will play for another odd 30+ moves after the last rooks were exchanged off the board). Bacrot had an unfortunate match with Anand and Anand appears at one stage to have missed the winning move towards the later stages of the game but still won enough as his position was strangling Bacrot's pieces.

There's been not much to report on the home front. I hope to look forward to playing some chess at the North Sydney and Eastwood league clubs soon.

In the meantime, Happy Australia Day, everyone!!


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