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Monday, January 16, 2006

FIDE Champion Topalov Falls To Adams

If Anand stole the show with his sacrifices yesterday, Adams wowed the crowd today with unerring positional accuracy to defeat Topalov.

The game was very intriguing as Adams and Topalov traded blows with pins, counter-pins, deflections and sacrifices in the rather sharp line of the Scheveningen Sicilian. It takes a lot to bring down the current FIDE World Champion and Adams definitely proved a point that Topalov is still vulnerable with a relentless attack that had Topalov struggling to find cover in the later stages of the game.

In other matches, Ivanchuk won again putting him as the leader after 2 rounds after Anand could only salvage a draw (although he looked to be in a winning position at one point with the Closed Ruy Lopez) with Aronian.

Tomorrow, Anand faces up against Ivanchuk. Anand would be desperate to prove something but I can forsee a draw to be the end result.


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