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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chess At Work And Live Games

First day at work, I decided to play a couple of chess games with one of my colleagues, Szabo over lunch and after working hours. Szabo is a recreational player and his chess skills is a tad lower than mine (around 1200+ according to my BIL - brother-in-law).

We played 3 games over our lunch hour (chess is normally our fav activity over lunch). I played 2 games as White (one with Queen's Gambit Accepted, the other with Ruy Lopez - Closed), the other as Black (Closed Sicilian) - winning all 3.

At the end of the day, I decided to try again. This time out of 4 games, I lost one, won two, drew one. But I was less than satisfied with the results this time. Against a tougher opposition I would have easily lost the drawn game and drew one of the two won games. The only game that was of particular significance was this game. I had placed my Queen and my King on the same file and Szabo attempted to pin me, allowing me to setup a skewer with my rook, resulting in a mate in 4.

I had just played ... Qe7-g5 (See diagram). White moved:
1. Rg2?? Rc1+
2. Kf2 Rc2+
3. Kf1 Qxg2+
(with mate on next move)

Against more experienced opponents, this ploy would most certainly have failed.

When I got home, my BIL called and asked me to go over to his place for dinner tomorrow, and naturally, a game of chess awaits me. I'm dreading it already.....

Onto other chess news, I've been following the Russian Championship Superfinal on as well as the Australian Junior Championship at

Do take a look if you can spare the time. It's past midnight now but I'm following the Evgeny Bareev vs Peter Svidler game.


  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger The chess nut said…

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  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger The chess nut said…

    .... And don't forget.....

    Top 6 Boards of Australian Championships being shown at www. ! Click on live games.

    Games start 3 AEST (4 AEDST)

    There are 5 Grandmasters (Ftacnik, Rogers, Chandler, Schmaltz, Johannsen) 5 Internatinal Masters (Smerdon, Solomon, Lane, Zhao, Wohl), 7 Fide Masters (Xie (who recently got 3 IM norms all he needs is a Fide Rating of 2400 which he should get in the January Ratings (i think it's january....)), Guthrie, Levi, Dougherty, Bjelobrk, Canfell and Goldenberg)

    2 Womens international Masters (Caoli, Moylan)

    Some Exciting Young juniors:
    Moultin Ly who won the Australian Juniors Last year. In the first round of the Championships this year he defeated IM Aleks Wohl!
    Raymond Song, a 11? year old who a year ago came equal first in the World Under 10's Championships in Greece! He drew with FM George Xie


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