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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back In Sydney

"1900 in no time"


"Your rating will go up to 1900 and you will easily beat me in 6 months' time" replied my BIL coolly.

He's got to be kidding. I was sitting in his car (as he had just fetched me from the hideous building - that is called the Sydney International Airport) on our way home.

Great, just what I needed. More chess stress from him... :)

As he dropped me off at my apartment, I proceeded to go the local supermarket and provision shops to pick up a few groceries. I slowly unpacked and much to my dismay, there were so many things in there that needed to be sorted. My friend who lives nearby had been great to help collect my mail and thankfully, no overdue bills had hit the doorstep... not yet anyway.

As I now type with a glass of ice-cold OJ by the computer, typing away at the keyboard, I wonder what my plans are for tonight.

Whatever happens, it's definitely good to be back in Sydney.


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger The chess nut said…

    Welcome back to Sydney!

    If you need any help with finding chess tournaments, I can help. I am currently the contact person for the NSWCA.

    you can contact me through the email address posted on


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