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Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Day In The Wild

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here but I guess it's to detail my relatively short chess experience.

I started learning chess when I was a teen ween pimple faced 12 year old. My parents bought my brother and me a chess set. We knew roughly the way pieces move but that was it....

Now fast forward some 23 years later......... my father-in-law ("When are you going to get a house after marrying my daughter! "hehee) came over to our little apartment and started to play chess with me during his short stay.

Being pretty much bored with practically no hobby of my own.... yes, I lead the typical suburban life of fixing and cleaning the place over the weekend.... I thought it might be something to keep my mind occupied.

Currently, I reside in Australia and am visiting my folks in Singapore (and no, for the umpteenth time, you don't go to jail for chewing gum in Singapore... *grin*).

I forsee my chess career to be relatively short-lived. One with zero chance of making it to National Master level much less GM level (that's GrandMaster level for you non chess nuts).


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