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Friday, February 10, 2006

North Sydney League Club And Ryde Eastwood League Club Chess

It takes forever to get things going. Stuff has been pretty hectic at work and the sweltering temperatures in Sydney haven't helped! :)

On Tuesday, I headed to the North Sydney Leagues club and watched a few games before Norm Greenwood started the Lightning Competition. Seeing as I was new and not taking part in the competition, a very nice gentleman came over and asked if I was interested in a game.

He turned out to be Ludwig Wolf (and as I exchanged pleasantries later, I learnt he had been playing chess for over 30 years). All I remembered of the 4 odd matches we played, Ludwig won the first 2 and I won the next 2.

I can't remember much for the first 2 games, other than the fact I was well and soundly beaten. *grin*. I'd remembered when I played Black, I was beaten when I played the French Defence and Ludwig outmanoeuvred me. In White, I got caught playing a wrong move in the Italian opening and everything was downhill from there on.

I must remember to bring my scoresheet the next time so I can record my games (I had forgotten to bring them).

On Wednesday, the Ryde-Eastwood League club was having a Rapid competition so I stayed and watched them. I'd noticed that the Rapid games tended to end in much the same way. Players were pretty much cautious, putting too much time not to make mistakes in the beginning but as the time limit ticked down to 5 minutes, play got unnaturally faster and people made more and more mistakes and outright 1-move blunders. It's really such a shame that games had to end in this way because some of the games were highly complex and intriguing and it definitely deserved better treatment but alas.... such was not meant to be.

The Corus Chess Competition had ended with Anand winning the tie-break. Speaking of more chess news, the Cuernavaca Young Masters had just started and try as I might, I could not give it the sufficient time and merit amidst shuffling between work and play.

I need a vacation........


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